Waterfowl Hunt Information
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When you hunt with a guide from Woods and Water Outfitters You can expect to be hunting with a pro that learned how to hunt Waterfowl through the lifelong school of hard knocks. Waterfowl are our passion! For Goose you will be hunting from comfortable heated underground pits, and will be using anywhere from 2 to 30 dozen decoys. The size of the spread is always dictated by the types and numbers of geese in that area.
Youth Hunters
General Information
Woods and Water Outfitters believe in sharing our knowledge and pure love for water fowling with the next generation. We have trained guides that have a decade of experience guiding youth in the outdoors. We teach as well as guide. This form of hunt brings the experience to a new level for not only the youth, but for the adults as well. Please ask your guide for tips on what to bring to make your youth's day in the field one to remember. Youth hunt with us at discounted rates. See our "Fee's" page for details.
We recommend 12 gauge shotguns using BB, #1, or #2 Non- toxic shot for geese and #2 to #4 for ducks. 20 Gauges are also acceptable if 12 gauges are not available. Please ask your guide if you are not sure what to bring. They will know the type of birds and conditions you are likely to see. We also recommend improved cylinder, light modified or modified chokes in your shotguns. We do not call shots unless the birds are committed to our decoy spread and are 30 yards or less from the pit or blind. A typical shotgun using an improved cylinder choke will give you the pattern you are looking for when shooting at decoyed birds with steel shot. It is not uncommon to be shooting at birds less than 10 yards away!
What to bring
When hunting waterfowl in Colorado, you will hunt in conditions ranging from below zero to sixty degree's. Sometimes that is all in the same day! We recommend warm boots, and layered clothing in either camouflage or neutral colors like tans or browns. Waterfowl can see both color and UV reflection. While you will be underground when the birds are around there is the possibility for the birds to see you through the screens covering the pit. Due to the variable behavior in waterfowl, you should always plan to hunt the entire day. Bring snacks and drinks for the day. Most day's there is time for a mid day lunch break, and there are local places to eat near most of our hunting locations. Your guide will discuss these options with you before your hunt.
Colorado Waterfowl
Here in Colorado we are very fortunate to be the wintering grounds for a large variety of waterfowl. Woods and Water Outfitters now offer hunts in several locations in Colorado. Our primary goose hunting location is in the Eaton, and Severance Colorado area. In Colorado we primarily hunt two of the 13 subspecies of Canadian Goose. In the early parts of the season we see the smaller of the two which comes from the Antarctic, and is one of the 6 subspecies called Cacklers. These birds weigh from 4 to 8 pounds and fly in very large flocks. Later in the season we see the larger birds which are now classified as Lesser's. Lesser's weigh in at 8 to 12 pounds on average with a few tipping the scales in the 15 pound range. In early season we also see a few bonus birds such as snow geese and Speckle bellies.

A taste of our 2013-2014
Goose season
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